About Half-Day Pre-K

About Half-Day PreK

Schools with half-day PreK programs are:
  • EJ Martinez
  • El Camino Real (there is a morning only class here)
  • Kearny
  • Nye Early Learning Center
  • Piñon
  • Ramirez Thomas
  • Sweeney
Children must be 4 years old on or before August 31st of the given school year to be eligible for PreK.

Half-Day PreK seats are made available 1) to families who live in the neighborhood attendance zone where there are half day PreK classes, and 2) to families wishing to enroll their child in a free PreK program. 

Parents can apply for one morning and one afternoon program. Once children who live in that school’s attendance zone are placed in the half day program, families who have applied to a half day program that live outside the attendance zone will be given a seat based on the application wait list.

Parents complete the online application (computers are available at schools for parent use), and then take the child's birth certificate or proof of age documentation to the school. This document will be scanned and saved. Once a child's immunization records are verified by the school nurse the application process is complete.

Santa Fe Public Schools offers provisional acceptance to the PreK programs pending legislative funding.  Those families admitted to the PreK programs on a provisional basis will receive official notice of their enrollment prior to the close of school in the spring.